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Hiya [Sunday
12♥02♥07 @ 06:58P]


I'm new here and I'm planning a journal layout with the basic theme of "Free your mind/inner child". I decided to use either a Belle or a Pocahontas picture but I am no good at creating a decent layout so if you're interested, get in contact and we'll talk.

I have screencaped my favourite pictures of Belle and Pocahontas:




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In search of Stitch [Monday
10♥22♥07 @ 10:08P]

I'm looking for Stitch layouts, banners, and icons to add to my collection and help me re-do my LJ layout. I have the stitch layout by daylit bookmarked (that is an awesome layout, btw) and have several Stitch icons saved. But, I was wondering if anyone knew of any other layouts (especially ones where the userpics show), banners, or icons.

Thanks in advance! ^_^

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Sleeping Beauty? [Thursday
10♥18♥07 @ 02:00P]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey all! I'm new to this community and I'm wondering if anyone can help me with something. I just recently (like Saturday) got a job at the Disney Store. In honour of my most exciting job, I wanted to change my lj layout to something Disney.

What I would like is a Sleeping Beauty related layout which shows the icons for the entries. Preferably in s2 format. Beauty & the Beast, Little Mermaid, Mulan, Tinkerbell and Aladdin layouts would also be good.

Cheers and Disney love ♥

(Also, I think something's wrong with this layout. The text isn't aligned with the box.)

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Snow White? [Wednesday
01♥10♥07 @ 01:15P]

Could someone please make me a Snow White layout? I am in the process of making a Snow White community so I thought that would be a nice touch. If one has already been made with just her in it, please let me know! Will credit, of course. Thanks!

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12♥25♥06 @ 01:13P]

im looking for a fox and the hound layout :] any help please??

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Belle Layout [Sunday
11♥19♥06 @ 10:16P]

Hello! I have a journal for the Disney College Program and I was hoping someone could make me a Belle layout. I would like the colors to be light blue and yellow. In the header, I would like the words "There must be something there... That wasn't there before..." somewhere on there, and at the bottom off to one side I want it to say "A Disney College Program Journal" (but I don't want that too too big and overwhelming to the header). If anyone can do this for me, it would be so awesome! Thanks!


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The Fox and the Hound [Wednesday
11♥01♥06 @ 10:44P]


I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to make a Fox and the Hound layout for me.

Thanks :)

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Tinkerbell? [Saturday
10♥28♥06 @ 08:56A]

I was wondering if anyone could make me a Tinkerbell layout?
Any pictures, any colors, just simple.
Please and thank you!
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10♥14♥06 @ 07:38P]

[ mood | ecstatic ]


I'm making a request for a layout, since I have no IDEA how to make one myself. 
I was hoping for ANGST-Eric/Ariel Layout. Then words on the header that matched the angst layout. Also, can I have the layout in dark colors (no blue or light colors)

I was hoping for something to match this fic, seeing your world from the outside 



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09♥24♥06 @ 07:48P]


Hi, I'm new in this community, and I wonder if anyone could
make me a nice Snowwhite layout.
Just a simpel layout please.

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POTC [Thursday
07♥20♥06 @ 11:55P]

[ mood | awake ]

Hiyo! I am le new and can't make layouts of my own yet T_T I was wondering if anyone might mind making me either a Pirates of the Caribbean one, or a Tarzan one?

With Pirates, I would REALLY love it if Elizabeth wasn't in it. Jack AND Will would make me love you forever. And I LUFFS Davy Jones and Barbossa, if you want to make a bad guy one! Any text is fine, and, comment links (if with Jack and Will) would be cool as : Don't Touch Jack's Dirt! for the post a comment one, and Touched Jack's Dirt, as the posted.

Aaand well anything villainous with the Barbossa and Davy ones :P

Aaannnddd um ya. I'll give you a GIANT cookie if you do any of these for me! PLZ?


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07♥07♥06 @ 12:32P]

[ mood | sleepy ]

hey my name is becca and i'm new to the community. i was wondering if i could get an aladdin layout or if anybody knows where i can find one. i've been looking for one for months, but i cant seem to find one. also, i can never get my info to come up in the sidebar on layouts. i type it in but it never shows up on my actual journal. any suggestions as to what i'm doing wrong? i'm pretty clueless when it comes to this stuff.


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06♥21♥06 @ 07:42A]

[ mood | busy ]

Hey... I've been looking around and I discovered this community...

You see I'm a Beauty and the Beast fan and I've been looking for a layout for my live journal. I'm not picky, I'm a fan of the stage and screen versions as well... just if anyone has any that they wouldn't mind me using I would appreciate it :)

Thanks in advance,

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The Little Mermaid Family [Thursday
05♥22♥03 @ 11:39P]

I have ceated a Little Mermaid layout. No need to comment or credit; that stuff is stupid.

The CodesCollapse )
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Poll results [Sunday
05♥28♥06 @ 10:37A]

Beauty and the Beast won.

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Poll [Thursday
05♥25♥06 @ 11:27P]


What layout would you like to see next?
Beauty and the Beast
Alice in Wonderland
Peter Pan
The Aristocats
The Lion King
Lady and the Tramp
The little Mermaid
Free polls from Pollhost.com


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05♥05♥06 @ 02:17P]

Can someone make me a Lilo and Stitch layout! It's my favorite movie!! Thanks in advance!!!
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Maleficent layout [Wednesday
05♥03♥06 @ 09:38P]

I have created a Maleficent layout from the movie "Sleeping Beauty." If taking, no need to comment. Thank you.

For a larger picture CLICK HERE

CodesCollapse )
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Disney pictures, clip art, and screencaps [Tuesday
04♥25♥06 @ 08:46P]

Here are some places to get pictures to make layouts with, just click on the x

Disney in general: x x
Aristocats: x
Beauty and the Beast: x
Lilo and Stitch: x
Pinocchio: x
The Lion King:
-Simba: x x
-Nala: x
-Scar: x
-Mufasa x
-Pumbaa x
-Timon x
-Rafiki x
-Zazu x
-Sarabi x
-Banzai x
-Shenzi x
-Ed x

Bambie: x
Beauty and the beast: x
Cinderella: x
Corpse Bride: x
Finding Nemo: x
Madagascar: x
Peter Pan: x
Pirates of the Caribbean: x
Srek 2: x
The Incredibles: x
The Lion King: x
The Little Mermaid: x
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04♥23♥06 @ 10:39P]

Hey Im Natalie i would like to udnerstand actually how to make layouts plus i love mulan *nods* fav disney thing ever!
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